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Floor Restoration After Care Products

Which Floor Products Work Best On Your Restored Flooring?

The team at Floor-Restorer are experts in identifying the right products on the market that will keep your newly restored floor in great condition post restoration. We are pleased to stock a wide range of great items that will work effortlessly to ensure your floor maintains it’s just been restored look for longer.

There are also some practical steps that you can take to ensure your floor doesn’t encounter any further damage under the pressures of a busy home. Pets can be a nightmare when it comes to floors, it’s always best to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to dogs and cats and any damage they are likely to cause to your beloved wooden floor. Ideally if you can keep pet claws short they will be much less likely to cause any unwanted scratches. 

There are other rules that when implemented in a busy household can limit the amount of damage floors of all types (limestone, wood etc) by enforcing a no shoes in the house policy floors are less likely to become damaged. This especially applies to high heels which are known to cause extensive damage to floors! 


The floor restoration products we have in stock includes some great items that are ideal for helping post restoration work. Our innovative Floor Restorer Aftercare Maintenance Kit is the best selling all in complete kit that ticks all the boxes. Take a look to see what it can offer you now. 

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