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Restoring the shine to quarry tiles

This quarry tiled floor had become grubby and dull. We deep cleaned and restored the lovely shine.

Cobbled quarry tiled floor

This beautiful cobbled quarry floor emerged from under numerous coats of old varnish.

Floor Restorer and Quarry

We can deep clean and re-seal quarry tiles and make repairs including filling cracks and holes. We can also source reclaimed tiles which we will do our very best to blend in with your existing floor, although obviously we cannot guarantee an exact match.

As some stones and finishes are better suited to high traffic areas, we offer a consultancy service to help you choose the right type of floor for particular parts of your home or business.

History and uses

Quarry tiles are the most basic type of historical ceramic floor tile. Traditional quarry tiles are generally square shaped and unglazed and, as such, their colour is derived from the clay they were made from, natural earthen shades of orange, red, brown and grey. They were made by pressing the clay into a dye or cast and then fired in a kiln. They are less refined than Victorian tiles and are usually found in more rustic environments, particularly the kitchens of older houses. Although very durable they are also very porous and prone to staining.

Modern quarry tiles are manufactured by the extrusion process. They come in a variety of tints and finishes and can be unglazed, semi-vitreous or vitreous, the latter making them extremely hard wearing and non porous.

Quarry services

  • Cleaning and sealing
  • Restoration
  • Re-grouting
  • Cracked tile replacement
  • Insurance work
  • Report writing

Restoring flooded quarry tiled floor

We were called in after this floor had been flooded…

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